6 Reasons to Apply for SALTT Today

Chandler Robertson, EI Campus Communications Team

Strategy and Leadership in Transformational Times (SALTT) is a year long Eisenhower Institute program for Gettysburg juniors and seniors that provides a number of unique opportunities to participants. Below are just six of the many reasons to apply for the SALTT program.

  1. The opportunity to learn from Susan Eisenhower

Who could have more to share about President Eisenhower and the way he lead the troops during World War II and the country through his presidency than his own granddaughter?

“Susan takes a unique approach to the program,” says senior Eric Miller, now an Undergraduate Fellow with the Eisenhower Institute. “She wants this program to be about the students in the program, and she wants everyone to have the opportunity to learn and to reflect.”


2. Exclusive access you can’t get anywhere else 

“We had the chance to go behind the rope at the Eisenhower farmhouse,” said junior Amelia Smith, who participated in the program last year. “Hearing Susan Eisenhower’s memories of that place firsthand was unbelievable.”

3. Visit Omaha Beach in Normandy 

This is the most unique opportunity SALTT has to offer. The program includes a trip to Normandy and a chance to walk on Omaha Beach. “You can’t get the same sense of awe that  from watching a movie or reading about the invasion that you get from walking the beach,” Smith says.

“Standing at the American cemetery above Omaha beach you get a sense of American exceptionalism that is hard to describe,” says Miller.  “You get a gained appreciation for what happened there.”

The trip included a wreath laying ceremony for President Eisenhower, and a meeting with the curator of the American cemetery.

4. Learn Leadership From the Best

“Susan is extraordinary,” says Sarah Roessler a senior Undergraduate Fellow with the Eisenhower Institute. “She is so poised and thoughtful, she embodies strategy and leadership, the two qualities we’re focused on. She’s the perfect person for this program.”

Leadership connections through this program are not limited to Susan Eisenhower, however. SALTT participants also had the chance to meet with decorated U.S. Army generals to discuss D-Day strategy, as well as a number of other high-ranking U.S. Military officials.


5. Learn a valuable life skill

“The leaders behind this mission made an incredibly tough decision, despite knowing that the casualties were going to be great,” says Miller.  SALTT gives you a unique insight into making decisions in the face of direct consequences, which help to enhance your leadership skills no matter how you choose to apply them.


6. The program keeps growing and getting better

One of the goals of EI is to constantly grow its programming to offer the best experience possible for all participants. The Eisenhower Institute is currently working on establishing a sister school in Normandy, which would create a new partnership for that portion of the program. The program is also growing on our own campus, as faculty and staff get more involved. Provost Zappe even attended the trip to Normandy last year.


The deadline for SALTT applications is September 14th. Applications are available at– Don’t miss out on a remarkable opportunity. Apply today!