Student Profile: Melanie Rader

Melanie Rader is a junior at Gettysburg College double majoring in Economics and Political Science. On top of Melanie’s busy schedule she is an active member of the Delta Gamma sorority, as well as a participant in the Inside Politics Spring 2012 Program.


How did you hear about EI? And why did you choose your program?  

I heard about EI from on of my Political Science Professor and a few of my friends who had done EI programs.  They all spoke very highly of the opportunity, their experiences, and Kasey Pipes. I chose my program, Inside Politics, because I am very interested in how politics actually work and the intricacies of communication in Washington. 

 What do you hope to get out of the program?  

I hope to gain a new perspective on politics and government and learn about the culture in Washington.

What are you most excited for?

I am most excited about the DC trip because of the opportunity to meet with and learn from people who work in diverse areas of politics, from media to the White House.

What are you researching?

 I am researching lobbing campaigns and what factors make a successful campaign. 

What has been the favorite part of your experience? 

So far my favorite part of the experience was writing the blog post. I think blogging is a really interactive medium and great way to join a larger discussion on current events.

What advice would you give someone looking to get involved? Would the programs benefit someone of any background? 

I would advise someone looking into one of the EI programs to definitely get involved and apply. I am a Economics and Political Science double major and what I have learned has been relevant to both academic areas. Also, my experience with EI has made me a better more informed citizen regarding politics and taught me how to be a critical judge of the political system.