Redefining Feminism: Male Participation in Women’s Rights Movement

Weiting Li ’16 – Women in Leadership Though the women’s rights movement is rising, the word “feminism” has remained controversial and often been avoided. People usually will feel uncomfortable when called feminists, because it relates to the image of alienation, separation, or even men-hatred. Emma Watson reports that she was encouraged not to use the […]

Student Op-Eds Week in Review

Week in Review: Gun Control, Gay Marriage in the Courts, and the Return of Feminism

Sarah Roessler, ’16 Gun control, gay marriage, feminism, birth control — lately it seems impossible to talk about the news without touching on one of these highly controversial issues. We are living in a divided nation. Not only do these topics spark passion from the common United States citizen, they are also currently being debated […]

Week in Review

The Week in Review: The Face of Feminism in Post-Revolutionary Egypt

Ludiwien Cooreman ’13 Now that the smell of empowerment is still reverberating in the streets of Egypt: what will the role of women be in post-Mubarak Egypt? Al Jazeera‘s D. Parvaz, in an article called “Egypt’s feminists prepare for long battle,” states that “The Egyptian woman has participated in both the initiation and continuation of […]