Every Kid In a Park: Education, National Parks, and 4th Graders

Meghan Eaton ’18 – Inside Politics Program On Thursday February 19th, in Chicago, President Obama launched his “Every Kid In a Park” initiative. This initiative gives all fourth graders and their families – starting this coming fall – free admission for the year to all National Parks. The initiative hopes to encourage more kids to go […]

Student Op-Eds

Climate Change: A Global Threat We Cannot Ignore

Rachel Haskins ’17  Inside Politics Climate change is a term that has carried its fair share of controversy in recent years, and it is not going away. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just released its latest report, and the findings are far from positive. The New York Times labeled this report the most sobering […]

Week in Review

Farming Needs “Climate-Smart” Revolution, More Sustainable Development

Chelsey Firor ’12 In his BBC article about sustainable farming practices, Richard Black states that major changes are needed in agriculture and food consumption around the world if future generations are to be adequately fed.  Farming produces substantial waste and greenhouse gas emissions. At the Planet Under Pressure conference, a final report on this issue was […]