Environmental Leadership Spring Break Trip

Environmental Leadership Blog Entry: Help in dealing with the unsure future

Emily Ruhl

It is no secret that many undergraduate students are unsure or apprehensive about what the future holds for them. So when a group of these young adult college students has the opportunity to meet with a successful member of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration who shared their feeling of early-adulthood uncertainty, it is a truly calming and comforting experience. This is how I felt after meeting with Sean Corson, the Deputy Director at the National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA. Prior to landing this position, Mr. Corson had dabbled in the fields of environmental education, marine sanctuary designation, even flipping burgers between more desirable jobs. But as Mr. Corson said, he was able to take something away from all of these odd jobs before earning his spot in a managerial field with NOAA. As a graduating senior hoping to enter the marine sciences field, and who is unsure of how to get there or exactly what she wants to do in that field, talking with Sean Corson, for even a short period of time, was one of the most helpful and enlightening meetings I could have asked for.